A first vacation for Mother & Son

My son was a missing child for 15 years. I last saw him at 3 years old. When he was almost 18, I searched through a paid service and found his father. Afraid he would run again, I put an ad in the local newspaper. Days later, he answered the ad. I was finally reunited with my son. A year later we took a vacation. It was the most joyous time. The kid in all of us came out that week. All the things I missed with him growing up, was concentrated in this glorious week in Tahoe. The thrill of watching my child ski for the first time, sledding, the joy on his face doing things together again. It was life changing for both of us to reconnect after all these years in such a spectacular setting as Tahoe. The Ridge was fantastic, rooms were large, quiet, and luxurious. We kept so busy with all the amenities. This week at the Ridge began the journey of healing between a mother and her son! A week neither of us will never forget!


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