A Life Saved...now our best "Buddy"



We were vacationing on Grand Bahama October 2010. One evening, my husband was out by the seawall of Mayfield Beach & Tennis Club and heard some whimpering below. He discovered a dog, stranded on some rocks with the tide filling in around him. My husband lifted the dog to safety. He looked thin and hungry, so we fed him that night (and of course, he returned the next day!) We fed him again and gave him fresh water. My husband contacted the Humane Society of Grand Bahama to pick him up. There was something in that dog's eyes that spoke to us. In our 30 years of marriage, we never owned a dog...even though my husband has been hinting at getting one for several years. The next day, my husband Leo went to the Humane Society to visit the dog and donate some food. They took a picture of him and the dog with our camera. When we returned home, I contacted the Humane Society of Grand Bahama via email and attached a picture of Leo and the little "Potcake" (they tell us it's a mixed breed indigenous to the Bahamas). I asked if it was at all possible to adopt this dog, and can we get him up to the northeast? I wanted to surprise my husband and bring the dog here. They were so accommodating! When Leo told me he also contacted the shelter about adoption, I immediately had to contact the humane society again and tell them I wanted to keep this a surprise for Leo...to please tell him that the dog has either been adopted, or is not medically ready to transport yet. They played the game so well...and within a couple of weeks, our little Buddy was on his way to us. The first leg of his trip was on a private pilot's lap from Grand Bahama. When he reached Ft Lauderdale, a foster mom picked him up and brought him to her house (she attached a lovely note on his crate to us saying that we had a "real special dog" here). The foster mom brought him back to the airport the next morning and after a stop in Atlanta, I finally got to meet our little Potcake at our local airport in CT. My son and I brought him home. When we brought him in the house, my husband was in shock...really didn't say much, just kind of fell to the floor, and the dog and him rolled around playing with each other. I had a lot of support from friends, so they all entered the house after the initial homecoming to wish Leo and our little potcake "Buddy" well. He really is the sweetest dog and best Buddy ever!


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