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To celebrate our retirement, my wife and I booked a 7-day Alaska cruise and a one week stay at Whistler Vacation Club. It was the first post-retirement trip for two lovebirds who had worked for 35 years and were ready to enjoy life to the fullest. The Alaska cruise was incredible aboard Princess Cruise, the weather was very decent for a late September voyage. We saw incredible scenery, encountered plenty of wildlife and met very interesting people on and off the ship. The week stay in Whistler, just before the 2010 Olympics was out of this world. The accommodation was first class and the scenery in and around Whistler is just unbelievable. What a great week we had from gondola rides, to zip-lining to long walks in the forest (without seeing grizzly bears), everything was perfect. What a perfect, perfect start for our new life journey and we would like to thank RCI for making this once in a lifetime experience a reality. And the best, after 35 years of marriage, we are still together and much in love. I think spending time alone with the love of my life through RCI vacations will ensure many more tremendous experience and keep improving our quality of life.


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