The Dragon of the Castle

It was a ski trip to Martin B. Lofer in Austria. We booked our resort unaware of the unusual place. Struggling off of the bus with our suitcases and ski boots we asked a gal getting off the bus for directions. Over there in the field she said. We walked across the road and couldn't believe the resort. It was a hunting lodge of the King of Bavaria from 1314. There were animal heads on the outside of the building and when we entered we gasped at the sites. Vibrant pink paint, exquisite antique furniture, animals stuffed on display in the hallways. The ceilings were painted with murals of cupids, beautiful women and knights in action scenes. The arches in the massive hallways were held up by muscular greek gods. Our room had carved angels in the corner of the 12 foot ceiling with a canopied bed. We felt we had been transported into the past where noblemen and gracious women would arrive in horse-drawn carriages. Gawking is the only word to describe our reaction as we explored the many rooms and hallways. Dreams were easy to come by in such a fascinating place. Skiing was fun and the bonus was returning each night to sleep in our castle, or at least ours for a week.


- Submitted by: Whaletail

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