Where in the world am I?

Well, my parents told me we were going on vacation. I got to the airport --that plane was bigger than the world! We got on the plane and took off. Why did they go soooo fast? I wasn't in that big of a hurry! When we got to Cabo , our resort was the best..Swimming pools and slides and a beach just feet away. Where do I start? Well one day I played in the pool all day. Another day we went to pier and I couldn't believe my eyes---there was Captain Hook--my good friend! Then I tried on several sombreros. Why are they so big! Next day I went para sailing--how fun. While at divorce beach I held 6 iguanas. Mom and dad said NO to bringing one home. I spent another day at my resort. What fun.. This is my story thru the eyes of a 4 year old.


- Submitted by: cowboys

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