Food: Hong Kong Comfort Food

Are you a foodie? Well wait no longer, Hong Kong is home to several varieties, yet all delectably delicious, of pork buns. Check out some of the best places to grab a few here.

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On Location: Beijing

Like to live on the wild side? Beijing offers some of the most interesting delicacies in the world; from scorpion on a stick to steamed chicken feet. If that’s not wild enough, find that adventurous side of yourself and visit during Beijing’s Spring Festival.  The city is filled with fireworks exploding day and night. Check out this article from Endless Vacation® magazine for an inside scoop on what to expect when visiting Beijing.

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Destination: China’s Seaside Escape

When visiting China, be sure to visit the luxurious island of Hainan, home to great surfing, beautiful palm trees, and breathtaking beaches.  This article from Endless Vacation® magazine has tons of interesting information that can help any tourist plan their next trip!

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A Dream Trip to Hainan

Jenny U.As a child, I pictured Hainan as a mysterious and remote island waiting for courageous visitors to reveal its nature. It was not until many years later that my parents planned a spontaneous family trip which uncovered a fascinating and mind-soothing journey in my memory.

We took a ferry to Haikou, the northern point of Hainan. On arrival our family headed directly to a local seafood restaurant where I had steamed red crab meat, juicy shrimps and tender large yellow croaker. Never had I tasted seafood as sweet and luscious. It is said that the pristine south seawater has gifted Hainan with the most delicious seafood. The next morning, we drove alongside the East Coast national road to Sanya Bay. For miles along the road, there were people riding bicycles passing high-reaching coconut trees, cycad and palm trees swaying along the sea breeze.  Behind us, the clear blue sky stretched far to meet the edge of the dazzling seawater.

We arrived at one luxurious resort in Sanya Bay and spent half the day sitting among the sublime tropical plants and vibrant flowers. As far as I could see, I was able to spot two islands amongst thin mist and motorboats sailing around them. People can go angling, a type of fishing, on one island where the best angling club of Sanya rests.  In the afternoon, I took a walk along the bay and touched the warm sea water while fishermen were trawling (another type of fishing) and singing in the distance. People can join in and take trawling lessons, then take their self-caught fish home. Our short stay came to the end as the sun settled below the sea, leaving a golden lining in the sky.

This week on the RCI Blog we’ll be sharing a lot of great information about China. I hope this will help you plan your next vacation to China!

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