Disney World

My family lives close to Disneyland in California, so we never were very interested in visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. But the kids suggested it as a family vacation idea, and we started to look into lodging options. We exchanged our week and stayed at the Orange Lake West Village in Kissimmee. It was beautiful. The condo was fully equipped with two bedrooms, two baths and a full kitchen. They had a gorgeous pool area with several swimming pools, slides and a lazy river to float around. It was super-close to all the attractions of Orlando: Disney's Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Sea World, to name a few. We concentrated on the theme parks that we don't have here in Southern California, like Epcot, Sea World's Aquatica and Universal's Islands of Adventure. We had a great time and would definitely go back-- but only if we stay at a luxurious RCI affiliated resort.

- Jeanine B. from Temecula, CA
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California surprise

My husband had to attend a work related conference in California near Sonoma and I went along for fun. We had decided while there a few days that it would be wonderful to take a spur of the moment extra week in California and continue to see the sights. We called RCI and were able to make a last minute exchange for the next week. We completed our conference stay, rented a car, took a long beautiful drive into the mountains. We were delighted to find ourselves in a small mountain "village" in a very nice condo and spent the week relaxing (got a great massage there), hiking, exploring and generally having a good time. It was the best spontaneous adventure we have every had.

- Jovonna R. from Cleveland, TN
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Massanutten Trip 2009

Our trip to Massanutten was nothing less than spectacular! My husband, Randall, and I had no idea what to expect when we exchanged for this week with RCI, but we needed to get away. Massanutten was just what the doctor ordered. The mountain scenery, the local wineries, and the laid-back atmosphere was a very relaxing change from our hectic lives.

However, on Thursday of our weeklong getaway, the transmission in our car unexpectedly gave out, with only 65,000 miles. The local Ford dealer as well as the resort were very sympathetic with our situation. The dealer provided us with transportation for five additional days at no cost. Massanutten Resort extended our condo check-out time by two hours on Saturday and promptly assisted us in obtaining a hotel room on the resort for our extra nights.
We are grateful for the kindness as well as the professionalism that was shown to us during this unanticipated event. Because of the friendliness and generosity of the people in this area of Virginia, what could have been a stressful situation became a warm and pleasant memory which we will never forget.

- Carol M. from Hillsboro, OH
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Massanutten Trip 2003

As an active duty Army family, we moved 12 times in 15 years and spent almost every summer relocating to a new state. We used our first RCI exchange during the summer of 2003 when we moved from PA to NC. Upon entering the condo, we were overwhelmed with the size and amenities. Our family week together helped ease the transition of yet another stressful move. Thank you RCI.

- Pattie C. from Chesapeake, VA
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Trip to France

Going to France was a life long desire. RCI made it really happen for me. I could not afford the hotel bill for a weeks stay in Paris but with the assistance of RCI I was able to secure a wonderful Condo unit 10 minutes from Paris and all of the sites that I could only read about or see in TV. What a delight to have had this opportunity and I owe it all to being a subscribing member in RCI. I have been able to travel to many places over the 24 years of being associated with this wonderful vacation exchange experience.

- Gwendolyn P. from Richmond, VA
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Sedona, Arizona Trip

Wanting to take a great winter vacation, my husband and I invited a couple to go with us to Sedona, Arizona. It was February and we found the weather to be great jacket weather. It was warm enough to golf and reasonably priced golf courses were found. Our condo exchange was the most beautiful we ever had and had a small lock-out unit attached which was wonderful for two couples. The scenery was beautiful and we really enjoyed the vacation.

- Alan H. from Ankeny, IA
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Our first "timeshare" vacation

When we first bought our timeshare, like most people, I was a little skeptical. After trading in our week with RCI we started looking for options for our first timeshare exchange vacation. My wife and I settled on a trip to Virginia to see colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Washington D.C. Our exchange went through and a few months later we were headed up on our first "timeshare" vacation. We were still a little hesitant and doubtful about the whole thing. Would this place be a total dump? Had we been taken for a ride? Was the whole timeshare thing a big sham?

All of our questions and doubts were answered when we checked in to our condo at Powhatan Plantation. When we walked into our unit we were pleasantly surprised. This was a million times better than staying in a hotel. We had 2 bedrooms, a hot tub, a living room, kitchen, etc. We had an amazing week of fun and relaxation, and most importantly, time together. We have been huge fans of our timeshare ever since and have enjoyed 13 years of amazing vacations since!

- Aaron Y. from Lawrenceville, GA
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Canyons, Hiking, Beautiful Scenery and More… All on an Arizona Vacation!

Susie M. - RCI Subscribing Member Vacation ExperiencesThree years ago, my family planned a winter vacation to sunny Sedona, Arizona. We bought our Red Rock Pass and picked up a trail map from the local Chamber of Commerce, then we hiked, and hiked, and hiked, each trail offering more adventure and more scenery than the last. We all enjoyed the area immensely, hiking, shopping, dining, and enjoying the fabulous resort pool and hot tub to our hearts’ content.

Making the most of our timeshare travel, we’ve visited Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., even Disney during our winter vacations, but this is the area we like to return to the most. We’re not alone in our adoration of Arizona! At my job with RCI, I am fortunate to hear vacation stories from our RCI subscribing members. Here’s what other timeshare owners had to say* about their Sedona resort vacations:

Linda, Wilmington, NC: We absolutely loved our trip to Arizona. We stayed in Sedona for the week. It is impossible to describe or photograph how beautiful it was. It was also our base for the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and Page Canyon. What a wonderful week. We will return to this destination.

Alan, Ankeny, IA: Wanting to take a great winter vacation, my wife and I invited a couple to go with us to Sedona, Arizona. It was February and we found the weather to be great jacket weather. It was warm enough to golf and reasonably priced golf courses were found. Our condo exchange was the most beautiful we ever had and had a small lock-out unit attached which was wonderful for two couples. The scenery was beautiful and we really enjoyed the vacation.

Elaine, Milford, CT: Sedona, Arizona, is a dream destination. We have used our timeshare there several times, and never cease to marvel at the natural rock formations and of course the people. Best adventure is the side trip to Grand Canyon close by — don’t miss it!

Robert, Galt, CA: Our trip to Sedona, Arizona, was one of the funniest and most relaxing vacations we have taken in the 20+ years we have been members of RCI. Stayed at Sedona Summit, a great place. Each day we explored the area seeing some of the most beautiful scenery, Indian ruins, red rocks, beautiful homes, interesting rock formations, and talking to the locals about the area. The entire trip was one of awe. Fortunately, we had fantastic weather. We had the time of our lives.

* Although we've corrected some spelling and technical errors, these vacation stories from RCI members are otherwise unchanged. They are not meant to inform you about resorts, destinations or about RCI® products and services. Some stories mention unusual exceptions made or circumstances that may not be typical for most vacationers. RCI always recommends that you do your own research when making travel plans.

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