Plan a great cruise getaway during World’s Largest Cruise Sale!

Catherine SOne of the great things about cruising is that it provides the opportunity to visit so many different destinations.  Whether you enjoy lying on a beach or have always wanted to see a glacier, cruises offer options for almost everyone. 

My favorite cruise vacation toured the Western Caribbean, with stops in Key West, Guatemala, Belize & Mexico.  We toured Mayan ruins, ate lunch beside the gorgeous Lake of the Seven Colors, and visited the polydactyl cats at Hemingway’s Home – and we only had to unpack once!

This is a great time to plan a cruise vacation.  October is National Cruise Vacation Month, and from October 20, 2013 through October 27, 2013, the “World’s Largest Cruise Sale” is taking place.  From discounted sailings to onboard credits, there are lots of ways to save. 

If you’re curious about the offers available during this sale, click here or call 877-RCI-BOAT, where one of our RCI® Cruise Guides will be happy to help you book your cruise vacation!

Come back to the RCI Blog this week for more photos and stories from RCI subscribing members and their cruise adventures!

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The views of Sedona, Arizona

Catherine SI took my first trip to Sedona with my family ten years ago.  From the moment we arrived, I was absolutely in love, and it remains one of my favorite places to visit (and where I hope to someday retire!).

The red rocks are the main attraction in Sedona. There, we took a Jeep tour, which is a fun (and bumpy) way to see the sites up close.  The tour allowed us to get to areas that are off limits for hikers and gave us the opportunity to experience breathtaking views.

Another great place we found in Sedona was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which sits nestled among the red rocks.  From its perch, it gives a great opportunity to see some of the other well-known formations, including Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock.

Sedona also offers amazing artwork and jewelry from artisans who flock to the area.  I always find something new and unique to bring home when I visit, and need to leave room in my suitcase for my finds!

So until my retirement, when I hope to take up permanent residence, Sedona will remain at the top of my list of vacation destinations, and the place I personally believe to be the most beautiful in the country.

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Have you heard about The World’s Largest Cruise Sale?

Catherine S. - Cruise Stories and RCI NewsIt’s no secret that I love cruising.  In fact, at the end of this month, I’m off on a week-long cruise to the Caribbean.  But before I go, I wanted to share a great industry-wide event happening from October 21st through October 27th, 2012, during a time known as National Cruise Vacation Week.


The World’s Largest Cruise Sale, which takes place during this week, is generally held every October, and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of great offers from the major cruise lines.  From discounted sailings to onboard credits, there are many ways to save during this sale.  Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or looking to take your first cruise, The World’s Largest Cruise Sale is an ideal time to book!


If you’re curious about the offers available during this sale, click here or call 877-RCI-BOAT, where one of our RCI® Cruise Guides will be happy to help you book your cruise vacation!


And be sure to come back to the RCI Blog this week to view photos from RCI subscribing members who have taken cruises!

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RCI® subscribing membership benefits that you might not know about

Catherine S. - Cruise Stories and RCI NewsWe love helping to send you, our RCI subscribing members, on vacation!  In order to provide you with even better vacation options and enhancements to your overall membership, we have an established alliance with International Cruise and Excursions (ICE) – which is sometimes referred to as Our Vacation Center.


Through this alliance, we’re able to provide you with many benefits that you may already be familiar with:


  • The RCI Cruise program gives you the option to purchase a cruise at a reduced price with exchange, or purchase a cruise without exchange (sometimes referred to as “Cruise Extra VacationsSM getaways”) both with the Best Rate Guarantee.


  • RCI Cruise & Resort Vacations* offers you the opportunity to receive up to two weeks of vacations in one convenient and flexible package.  You can spend one week cruising to great destinations like Mexico, Alaska or Hawaii, and the second week in an awesome resort destination like Las Vegas or Florida.


  • With RCI Vacations*, you can save up to 70% off at select preferred hotels in popular destinations worldwide. Our members can purchase up to five hotel savings certificates which can be used to book hotels and save hundreds of dollars on each stay compared to popular online travel sites.  In addition to the hotel savings certificates, every RCI Vacations package includes a choice of a prepaid cruise, resort or hotel vacation. 


  • RCI Platinum® Lifestyle Benefits, including golf discounts, spa getaways and gift certificates, ski packages, an online wine store, tickets to movies, concerts and sporting events, and online shopping. 


  • RCI Travel, which allows you to get the best pricing on air, rental car, and hotels, making your vacation planning more convenient!


Our alliance with ICE helps us provide you with even greater enhancements to your RCI membership.


Have you taken advantage of any of these benefits yet? Let us know what you think by commenting below!



*Not available to all members

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Looking for something new to do while on vacation? Head to a theme park!

Catherine S. - Cruise Stories and RCI NewsFor years, a group of my friends and I went on a Memorial Day weekend trip, and almost every year, we wound up at a theme park, sometimes without even planning to. Our first trip was meant to be a relaxing weekend spent on the beach at the Jersey Shore, but on the second day, we piled into the car for a late-day trip to Six Flags Great Adventure.  The park was crowded, and it was only a few hours until closing time, but we had a fantastic time.


The next year, we decided to again visit a theme park.  So we spent two days in Philadelphia, PA visiting the Liberty Bell and learning about Ben Franklin before driving to Hershey, PA. We had so much fun on the rides at Hersheypark and we even had our photos taken with giant-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!


Our next trip took us to Colonial Williamsburg.  And as I’m sure you could guess, part two of our trip was a visit to Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens remains one of my most favorite theme parks. What really made it stand out was a great animal show we saw – one that we still talk about today.


Our Memorial Day trips ended a few years ago, but my own theme park visits certainly haven’t.  I’ll forever be finding a way to incorporate a theme park trip into my vacations – for me, vacation just wouldn’t feel complete without it!


Come back to the RCI Blog this week and check out the stories and photos from RCI subscribing members who enjoyed vacations with theme parks, amusement parks, or water parks. Do you have a story or photo of your own? If so share it here!

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Our First Cruise with Disney Cruise Line…A “Dream” Come True!

Catherine S. - Cruise Stories and RCI NewsEvery year, my husband and I visit Walt Disney World, our favorite vacation destination.  Last year, for our fifth wedding anniversary, we decided it was time for a change.  So we booked a Caribbean cruise on the Disney Dream.


We set sail in late March 2011, just a few months after the Dream joined Disney Cruise Line’s fleet.  We’ve both cruised before and enjoyed it, but cruising with Disney was even more perfect for us – we are, after all, just a couple of big kids.  The trip combined all of the fun of cruising with the magical feeling that we love about the Disney theme parks.


Our days were spent exploring the different ports – in Nassau, we went on an excursion where we learned how to roll cigars, and at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, we enjoyed some quiet time under the sun on the beautiful beach.  We spent evenings in the Skyline lounge, where the windows show the skylines of different cities, enjoyed dinner at Animator’s Palate where we got to “talk” to Crush, the 150-year-old turtle from Finding Nemo, and greeted characters at almost every turn!
Our cruise adventure ended up being the best way to celebrate our anniversary – we’re ready for our next one!


I’ve read a lot of stories and seen many photos from RCI members who have also been on cruises. We’ll be sharing these stories and pictures on the RCI Blog this week…be sure to come back!

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