Summertime – A Great Time to Travel Anywhere!

Brian B. - Endless Vacation® Magazine and Travel UpdatesThere’s definitely perks to traveling during the summer: my children are off from school, the weather is warm, and there are great deals on airfare. Can’t beat that! I’ve traveled to a lot of different destinations during this season…Bermuda, Florida, New Hampshire, just to name a few. And one thing I’ve noticed is that no matter where I was vacationing, whether there was a beach or not, there was always so much to do!

When we stayed in New Hampshire a few years ago, my two sons were thrilled with the endless activities. They were able to go out on the boat to go fishing and tubing and we even caught a minor league baseball game.

We’ve heard from many members who have traveled during the summer to places near and far. Check back on our blog this week as we share stories and photos from these members.

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Winter Adventures

Brian B. - Endless Vacation® Magazine and Travel UpdatesNow that the winter is here, my sons – ages 14 and 12 – are asking me when I am going to take them to the ski slopes we go to every year. Even though they have been skiing since they were young boys, I think we may try something new this season like snowboarding or snow tubing.

Many of our members have shared stories and pictures with us about their winter adventures. And you may even be surprised to see how many activities you can do that don’t involve downhill skiing! Check back this week to read about the adventures they’ve gone on…some even went sledding and snowmobiling!

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What It Takes to “Go Green” at RCI

Brian B. - RCI Timeshare Exchange and Vacation ExperiencesWe hear about “Going Green” all the time. But what does it really mean? I head up RCI’s global team of associates who work to conserve resources and reduce our company’s carbon footprint. And I can tell you, no matter if you are a small household or a big company, a little effort and focus definitely goes a long way.

Here at RCI, we have installed energy-efficient lighting, motion detectors that automatically turn lights on and off, high-efficiency appliances, and low-flow water faucets and fixtures – all in 60 offices in 33 countries!

And it doesn’t stop there. Since 2008 we have been developing green versions of Endless Vacation® magazine and the RCI® Directory of Affiliated Resorts, printing all pages on Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper (this is paper created from trees that were grown and harvested for paper and printing purposes only).

In addition, you may have noticed that even though we are continually affiliating with more and more new resorts, the Directory isn’t as heavy as it was in the past. As part of our commitment to “Go Green,” we have reduced the amount of paper used in the Directory, but you can always turn to our online resort directory for resort information and pictures.

What ways do you “go green”? What tips do you have for other members to help them stay green while on their vacation?

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What’s New with Endless Vacation® Magazine

RCI Timeshare Exchange and Vacation ExperiencesWith so many new additions to RCI this year (the RCI® app for the iPhone®, new search functions, RCI TV and the RCI channel on YouTube, etc.), you didn’t think we’d forget about Endless Vacation Magazine, did you? We know that you are always looking for more ways to get the most out of your vacation timeshare ownership – and as the Publisher of the North American version of Endless Vacation Magazine, I know you’re excited when we add more to the magazine - so, starting with our first issue of 2010, we added a 10-page RCI Member Section.

In every issue, you’ll now find tips and information to help you understand your RCI subscribing membership and member benefits (like when it’s the best time to deposit or how can help you plan your vacations), updates on RCI, and membership news (did you know that RCI follows environmental-sustainability best practices?). You can also see a listing of newly affiliated resorts that have recently joined the RCI exchange network, special member-only offers, and RCI vacation stories from subscribing members like you!

We’re constantly working on ways to make it easier for you to get on vacation. I know the RCI Member Section will help you in your planning journey. So, what do you think of this new section? What other information would you like to see? Let us know by commenting below.

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