Endless Vacation® app for the iPad®: Your next vacation is right at your fingertips!

Jamie W. - Endless Vacation Magazine UpdatesWhenever I tell people I work on Endless Vacation magazine, their typical response is “wow, it must be so fun reading about traveling and great destinations all day.”  And the truth is: it is!  I can’t help but picture myself sitting on the beach in the Dominican Republic, skiing the fresh powder in Lake Tahoe, walking on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, or taking a zip line in the rain forest in Costa Rica.  But I have to admit, every time one of our issues goes to print, I get a little sad that we cannot include all of the amazing photos our photographers take while on photo shoots.  And mostly, I am even sadder I am not the photographer taking those pictures!

But, with RCI’s innovation and dedication to being on the cutting edge of technology, I was more than excited to hear I could help bring Endless Vacation magazine to the iPad in its very own app!  Working on the Endless Vacation magazine app for the iPad has been fun and rewarding, knowing that we get to show you even more!  The Endless Vacation app for the iPad showcases even more photos in each article than in our printed issue.  Not only that, we get behind the scenes footage from our photographers and writers and incorporate those videos into the app to really bring the destinations to life.  Plus we added some cool extras like panoramic photos, interactive images and maps, audio clips, fun facts, and links to explore more about RCI affiliated resorts – making it even easier to research and book your next vacation with just the tap of a finger.

Just visit the iTunes® App Store and download the latest issue of Endless Vacation magazine onto your iPad.  I hope you have as much fun playing with the Endless Vacation app for the iPad as I had working on it.  If you find yourself dreaming about catching some rays in St. Maarten, wanting to watch artisans blow glass in Los Cabos, or find the RCI affiliated resort for your next vacation, then we have done our job.  Now get playing!

Endless Vacation magazine is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. iPad and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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