The Fall is a great time to visit new places!

Jamie W. - Endless Vacation Magazine UpdatesFor me, I have always associated “vacation” with the Spring and Summer months. Beaches, pools, water parks, and that great summer tan is what always got me inspired to travel to new places. However, while working on the fall issue of Endless Vacation® magazine, I realized I am missing out on a ton of fun activities and great places.

One article I enjoyed working on was “Virginia is for Wine Lovers.” I have been to Virginia a dozen times, yet I never had the chance to check out Wine Country. Since I live on the east coast, it is a perfect long weekend getaway. I can just imagine the car ride to Virginia…checking out the great scenery and fall foliage.

While researching this article, I was most impressed with all of the different activities the resorts in the area had to offer: indoor water parks, wine tours, horseback riding, even a Murder Mystery Dinner! It turns out there is a lot more to do on vacation in the fall than I thought, especially if you only have a weekend to fit it all in.

After finishing each new issue of Endless Vacation magazine, fellow co-workers typically hear me say “this is my favorite one yet!”…so it is only fitting that I admit this fall issue is one of my favorites. But after seeing what is in store for our Winter issue, I am afraid this one has some tough competition. Looks like I will be packing my bags for fall AND winter!

Be sure to check back on the RCI blog this week. We’ll be sharing stories and photos from other RCI subscribing members who have taken a trip during the fall to experience all that autumn has to offer.

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Endless Vacation magazine app for the iPad®, download it now and take a look at our fall issue!

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Time: Monday, February 20, 2012

Really this place is attractive and marvelous for the visiting.I hope people will become happy and cheery to visit this place.

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