Spring has sprung!

Emily S

Okay, so maybe spring hasn’t really sprung just yet. Even though the first official day of spring was last Wednesday, many of us in the United States were still seeing snow last week and will be seeing it again today. While it’s evident that Mother Nature disagrees with the calendar, it still shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our springtime vacations! After all, vacations aren’t just about the weather – but also about relaxing, exploring, eating, shopping, trying new things, and bonding with family and friends.

We have received some great photos over the years from our RCI subscribing members –  many of which you have seen right here on the RCI Blog. So, as a way to usher in spring (and maybe hurry it along a little!), we are devoting this week on the RCI Blog to sharing pictures all related to spring! Whether you are the type of traveler who likes to squeeze out that last bit of winter, or the type who can’t wait to see the flowers blooming and the mercury rising a little, I hope you’ll get some vacation inspiration from the photos we will be sharing. So come back to the RCI Blog this week to take a look.

What are your springtime vacation plans? Comment below and let us know!

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