When in Rome …

Charlotte C. - European Vacation StoriesWith a growing appetite to take a short break, Rome had all the ingredients I was looking for … not too expensive, short flight (I live in England), shopping and plenty of sites to see.


We arrived at our resort situated on the periphery of Rome – nice to get away from the traffic. After I finished unpacking, my water bottle was filled and I was off to explore this ancient city (our resort offered a regular bus service in and out of the city)…WOW. It was amazing…and through the streets alone, there was a fantastic buzz in the atmosphere. I walked past countless libraries, museums, statues, fountains…we were headed northwest for the river guarding the Vatican City, we crossed a bridge and down to find a quiet restaurant on the water’s edge where we ate proper pizza!!!


We HAD to head back there the next day to enter the city walls (I would say the earlier the better) and there is an option of having a guided tour for an additional cost, which I would recommend. It took 2 ½ hours through the museum and we finished in the Sistine Chapel…you don’t have to be a historian to appreciate how great it is!


The next couple of days were spent at the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Coliseum – even managed to squeeze in a trip out to Pompeii!! If you follow your nose out of the tourist areas you can find some wonderful cafés and dine with the locals for half the price. We did spend time by the pool, however, we found ourselves venturing back to the city hotspots at night as the red wine in Italy is the best I’ve tasted!


The first thing I did when I arrived home was watch The Da Vinci Code and Gladiator – brilliant, but nothing compared to seeing the real thing….What an adventure, and one I happily recommend to anyone!


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