Food and traveling – tips from a “Food Connoisseur”

Dan C. - Food and Travel Tips and InfoMy name is Dan and I work at RCI. I also happen to be a lover of all things travel and food related. I invite you to join me in my travels, as I share with you some of my favorite eats!

In my opinion, the best part of traveling is the opportunity to sample the local cuisine. A culinary experience truly enhances your perception of a vacation and I’m here to highlight some must-try items in popular destinations.

I have three golden rules when it comes to dining out:
1. Avoid all chain restaurants.
2. Eat where the locals eat.
3. Try something new!

Your favorite pizzeria, sandwich shop, and Chinese takeout will still be there when you get home. You’re on vacation right? Let’s try something new together!

I’ll be blogging a few times a month and I encourage you to comment below or upload photos of you and your vacation cuisine!

Come and Eat With Dan! You can follow my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts (please note that the views expressed on those sites are my personal views and not those of RCI).

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