A new world called Christel House

Sheetal P., Mother of Abhishek P., Student, Christel House India

My name is Ms. Sheetal P. I have two children studying at Christel House Lavasa. Previously, my children studied in a Marathi-Medium school in Pune. There were no English speaking teachers in that school because it was a small Zila Parishad school.

One day, my husband went to Lavasa and he heard about Christel House, which was planning to start a new school. It would be providing free education to the children around the villages here. When I heard this, I was excited and sent my children to be tested. After a test they were admitted to the school.

It was like a dream come true! My children not only were taken to school in the school bus, but were also given free meals, books, bags and also shoes and socks.

I was also wonderstruck by the way they started to converse in English language in just over a year. Also, they started sharing amazing information about the world with me. This was very heartening for me because this kind of sharing was unprecedented. They tried to teach me whatever they learnt in their school.  Their enthusiasm for their new world called Christel House was unbelievable!

I often wondered about this beautiful place, until I also joined the school as a member of the support staff. Now I am also a part of this glorious transformation.

In the last three years my children have grown beyond my imagination. They are full of confidence and dare to dream to become an engineer and a doctor. I am very hopeful for my children. They will one day grow up to be influential adults. Now I understand the meaning of good education and I pray for Christel Ma’am, Nalini Ma’am, Monica Ma’am ad Jaya Ma’am and all those who have enabled this to happen.

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