A story from a Christel House Mexico graduate

Jesus M., a Christel House Mexico Graduate

My name is Jesus; I attended Christel House Mexico for 9 years. Then, I went to public high school and now I attend the Work Study Program at Christel House. I have already finished high school and this year I will go to College. It has been 12 years since I began attending Christel House.


For me, Christel House has been like a second home where they take care of us and give us education, medical services, psychological support and nutritional care. In Christel House I have realized that achieving a dream is possible with perseverance and commitment.


Christel House has given me the opportunity to improve my skills and to learn values to become a responsible self-sufficient member of society. Christel House has prepared us to be assertive students with values who can make decisions that benefit us personally and within our society.


Christel House also gave me the opportunity to attend the Culver Summer Leadership Camp for three summers. At camp, I learned many things like how to play tennis. I also met many new friends from different countries. One of my favorite activities at camp was sailing. Attending Culver also gave the opportunity to meet Christel House students from India and South Africa. It was great because they are part of my Christel House family. But the most important part was that camp helped me to achieve skills like leadership, teamwork and self-discipline.


I hope someday I can become part of this wonderful mission that transforms lives and give back to Christel House much of what it has given to me.


I am grateful to Christel House for giving me the opportunity to have a better life. The person who I am today is thanks to Christel House. I will do my best to achieve my goals and become a contributing member of society by helping the people around me.

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