A true transformation

Tania A., Lower School Principal, Christel House MexicoTania A., Lower School Principal, Christel House Mexico

It’s been a year since I came to Christel House Mexico and still remember my first week of work. Students were not yet in the building, and those were days filled of emotion and great expectations.  I believed that there would be many things that I could offer to this school.

It wasn’t until the first day of school that my ideas underwent a tremendous transformation. From that day and all I’ve been through since, I understand that beyond what I can do for the Christel House Mexico community, it has done more for me. Every moment I spend here, every child who greets me, every passionate teacher and every grateful parent fills me with a new energy, a desire to be the best person I can be, always hoping that tomorrow I´ll be even better.

Christel House is the dream that some of us have been privileged to enjoy. A place where it doesn’t matter if you're a kid or an adult, where you come from or how much you own, you will always feel beloved, valued and safe. Throughout the programs and desires with which our team works, our children and their families know that their future is completely different from what they might have had. In Mexico, we often hear what we need to make the change. How can we improve the conditions of our people? The answer is simple, give a dignified place and loving education to all and the change is imminent; and that's Christel House, a huge opportunity to create the difference.

For me it´s an honor to be part of this family, and my obligation is to grow our mission by inviting more people in so that transformation can take place.

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