Christel House – my guardian angel

Angel K, a Christel House student

I’m Angel and I have been part of Christel House for the past 8 years. My brother joined Christel  House before me and everyday he would come back home and tell me all the interesting things that he used to do at school.  Eventually, I fell in love with Christel House. Later, when I enrolled in Christel House, I knew that this was the place where I can make my dreams come true. Christel House has provided me with all that is required to make my life better. Right from education to food, clothing to medical care, I’m given everything.


Christel House provides a platform to showcase our talents whether it be in the field of sports, art, dance, or music. Here, we are helped by a lot of people to realize our dreams. We are given opportunities every now and then. I personally have benefited a lot. I have been taking part in all the academic Olympiads and competitions which have helped me to improve my thinking skills.


In my life, I have dreamt of a lot of things like going on an aircraft, visiting the US, buying my favorite car, studying for the entrance exams for Indian Administrative Services and so on. Christel House magically makes everything come true.


The best opportunity was when I was sent to the US for three consecutive summers to attend the Culver Summer Leadership Camp.  Culver is the world’s best leadership camp and students from more than 40 countries come to take part. Along with leadership skills, Culver is also known for its military activities, sports, and team spirit. I learnt a lot of new things like water skiing, ceramics, forensic science and most importantly swimming. I made a lot of friends and learnt a little bit about their countries. I felt so good sharing about India. Visiting the US, I have also met my Christel House cousins from other countries. I spent a lot of time with the Christel House staff and their families. When we were in the camp, they talked to us on the phone everyday and made us feel at home. My visit was complete when I met Ms. Christel DeHaan personally. She has been my role model and always will be.


Christel House has changed my life dramatically. It has helped me to face obstacles boldly and to face things with confidence. The person I am today, it’s all because of my teachers and all the staff at Christel House.


 All the good things that have happened to me are through Christel House.  My family and I are very grateful to Christel House and Christel ma’am who started it all.

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