Forever transformed by Christel House

Laura D., Grants and Communications Manager, Christel House

By: Laura D., Grants and Communications Manager, Christel House


People get a very quizzical look on their faces when I tell them I have thousands of “bosses” around the world.  The children and young people of Christel House—all 3,300+ of them—are the reasons I do what I do every day.  Although I will never meet most of them, I did have the chance to visit some of my international “bosses” at Christel House India in Bangalore.


I am humbled by the memories of our children's precious faces, their innocent hugs and kisses, their welcoming spirits, their zeal for learning, and their sheer determination.  The sweet memories of the positive, nurturing Christel House environment are tempered by the cruel reality of what our children face when they go home every day--cramped family living quarters, no running water or private restrooms, limited meals, stray dogs roaming the streets, and enormous trash piles everywhere. 


No matter how you slice it, regardless of where you are in the world, poverty is a thief, robbing children and families of their dignity and potential, stealing hope and diminishing the human spirit.  So the magnitude of what Christel House offers—true life transformation—is overwhelming. 


I am honored to work for an organization that is releasing poverty’s grip by attacking its root causes—illiteracy, malnutrition, disease and lack of opportunity.  Around the world, Christel House is opening doors for thousands of children through education, nutrition, and comprehensive health care services.  We are helping families through parent and community outreach programs.  And even after graduation, we continue to provide guidance until our alumni are gainfully employed.


I am forever (and continually) transformed by Christel House because I see how my efforts make a positive difference for others.  And I am resolved to give my “bosses” my very best…every day.

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