From Christel House India to Culver Summer Leadership Camp in the USA

Zakeer H., Christel House India

I started my journey with Christel House at the age of 9 in grade 3. I remember that day when I entered this institution, holding my mother’s hand with great anxiety about life at Christel House. What followed was a life changing experience.


Christel House is a place which gives you everything and in return requires nothing but commitment, discipline and focus. Christel House gave me everything from food to clothes, education and values.  The credit completely goes to the Christel House teachers. They showed a great amount of patience, love and care.


Christel House gave me the opportunity to go to the USA - a dream come true for me and my family. I remember the day, 21st of June 2009 when I first stepped into the aircraft and was overwhelmed with the idea of flying to a distant land. I went to the United States and met the rest of my Christel House family.


I was able to attend Culver Summer Leadership Camp - a place that trains you on leadership skills, sports, education, life skills etc.  During the first few weeks of camp, I learned how to march in true U.S Navy style. I took up classes like swimming and sailing and learnt games like soccer, American football, baseball.  I also taught my new friends some cricket too. I learned interesting things like fly-fishing, wind surfing and many more things.


I had new roommates each summer and made friends from all over the world. I feel proud that I have so many friends all over the world. Every year was different and interesting with new friends and different experiences.  I earned my U.S certification for sailing and I feel proud that I was known as the second best sailor of the year. I was a proud Indian at that moment. Attending leadership camp was the most interesting part of my life so far. It came true thanks to Christel House. Any amount of words will fall short for how grateful I feel for what Christel House has given me. Thank you, Christel Ma’am.

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