Helping children and their families

Alin S., Outreach Coordinator, Christel House Mexico

By: Alin S., Outreach Coordinator, Christel House Mexico


Violeta is a 37 year old single mother of two children, Israel (8 years old) and Luz Alondra (7 years old).  Both children are Christel House Mexico students in 4th and 3rd grade respectively.  Mrs. Violeta only has an elementary school education and struggles to provide for her children. Her own childhood and adolescence were filled with addictions, physical violence, poverty and neglect.  She didn’t want her children to face the same future, but didn’t know where to turn for help.


When I first visited her home, I discovered that she and the children only ate one meal a day. She has no stove or refrigerator which also limits her meal options. Because of the crime and violence near her home, she is too afraid to leave her children home alone while she works.  After school each day, she takes them with her to her job as a maid. They often don’t return home until late at night.


A few weeks after the children started classes at Christel House, Mrs. Violeta told me "I knew there had to be a place to help families like us." No doubt this phrase has become a message of motivation and opportunity for all of us at Christel House.


Because there is so much trauma in the lives of our students and their families, Christel House Mexico offers family therapy.  Soon after enrolling her children, Mrs. Violeta began attending the therapy sessions on a weekly basis. After many sessions, she now recognizes herself as a person with dignity, with courage and she has learned to love herself. She recognizes the importance of caring for and raising her children in a positive environment, in spite of all the economic hardships they face. She also regularly attends our parent workshop program.  She is working hard to be a good parent and ensure that her children have a better life.  


She also hopes to one day be able to help other families like Christel House has helped her and her children. 


To learn more about Mrs. Violeta and her children, click here.

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