“I am what I am today, thanks to Christel House”

Deibis L., Christel House Graduate, Christel House VenezuelaDeibis L., Christel House Graduate, Christel House Venezuela

My name is Deibis. I am 22 years old and I graduated from Christel House Venezuela (CHV) in 2007.

My life as a student at CHV was very good, since they gave me the tools to continue forward and never surrender to the obstacles. Looking back to those school years I realize that I became an expert in problem solving, as my teachers provided me with the necessary values and strategies to be a successful citizen. They taught me that money is important in life, but integrity, independence, respect and responsibility are key values to succeed as a professional.

After I graduated, I decided to study IT, but the truth is that I changed my mind along the way and decided to change careers and study Social Communication (a career that groups journalists, media and network professionals as well as movie and commercial makers). Since childhood I have always been attracted to TV, movies, media and arts. Dancing is also an important part of my life.

My life as a student at the Santa Rosa Catholic University has been incredible. The best career that can exist in this world is Social Communication. It gives you many values both professionally and personally, all related to personal improvement.

Last month, I received my career degree. The path was difficult, but not impossible.

Parallel to my career, I also have a passion for giving dance classes. The school has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with all the students from the school in a dance club during after school hours. Dance for me is everything; it is the language that allows me to express my emotions. As I always say, “Dance is the pure expression of the soul.” In this way I can share what I most love in the world with other kids that are like I used to be 10 years ago, in the place that taught me to be like I am right now.

I am simply grateful to Christel House Venezuela for always giving me a helping hand, both in the good times and also the bad ones. I can say with no doubt that I am what I am today, thanks to Christel House Venezuela.

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