My life before Christel House

Nadine D., Christel House South Africa

Academically speaking, I was an average student and I wasn’t really motivated to do and strive for my best before coming to Christel House. There is the possibility that I didn’t have the resources. In other words – Christel provided me with the one-on-one attention from my teachers and technology to do my work at an optimal level. One of what I call “personal challenges” that I faced, was that I didn’t have the self-confidence and self-motivation to stand in front of a group of people and speak. Surprisingly, I lacked self-esteem because I didn’t believe in myself or in my abilities.

The quote, “...I believe I can realize my fullest potential,” is just a part of my school’s credo, and just touches the surface as to how Christel House has impacted my life positively. In my opinion, realizing your (fullest) potential is imperative, because it’s as if you’re finding your true capability.

In the year 2012, I was elected by my fellow students as the Head Student (for the 2012-2013 school year). Somehow I never envisioned that I’d be acknowledged as a leader. As I’ve mentioned previously, I never had the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and speak. But today, thanks to all the motivation and public speaking that I did in primary school, I am able to lead the entire school; whether it be into song or into the school’s credo. This is truly an indicator that my confidence levels have been boosted and are continuing to be boosted daily. Speaking of primary school...

I had constant motivation not only from my primary teachers, but from the high school teachers as well. I believe there is a saying that you cannot realize your fullest abilities without the help of others. Other than outside motivation, being a learner at Christel House has also helped me to become a self-motivator, in other words -- being able to tell myself constantly that I can achieve anything.

In terms of my academics, I am proud to say that with the outstanding and continuous help from my teachers, I have come out to be the most diligent and conscientious learner, even if I have to say so myself. I have also become a learner that will always strive to do my best and continue to believe that I can do anything!

I would love to have my own psychology practice. People often don’t understand why I’d want to do that, but I have this habit of investigating why people do certain things, and look at reasons as to how I can attempt to change people’s thoughts. So far, I have not succeeded, but with all the above mentioned “resources”, my hopes and dreams for the future are endless!

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