“My life is Christel House…”

Jacinto V., Christel House Graduate, Christel House VenezuelaJacinto V., Christel House Graduate, Christel House Venezuela

My Name is Jacinto and I am 22 years old. I am the son of a poor family in the city of Caracas in the popular neighborhood of La Vega; the son of a family that has worked hard to carry forward their four children despite economic difficulties.

My life changed in 2001 when joining Christel House Venezuela (CHV).  It changed my perspective on life 180-degrees. There, I was taught the pillars that sustain me today: respect, honesty, integrity, responsibility. With much joy all days I wake up to study because the school taught me that besides being a student, I am part of the Christel House family.  During five years the school provided me with quality education, study material, uniforms, balanced meals, structure and especially the ability to plan strategies to improve my quality of life.

In 2007 I graduated from CHV.  For me it was my first big achievement, no one in my family had graduated from high school before. The sad part was that I thought that I was losing a school that was already part of me. Soon I realized that I was wrong. CHV made efforts to include me in the Citibank apprenticeship program. It was an excellent opportunity to fight further for a better future and I gained an advantage from it.

In 2008, I entered the University Simon Rodriguez where currently I am finishing my studies in Financial Resources. CHV continues to support me and all of the graduates. Believe it or not, they keep contact with us every month and organize meetings for alumni all the time.

Today I am very proud of belonging to one of the best financial institutions in Venezuela and the world, with five years of experience as System Manager Collections in Citibank Venezuela. Thanks to Christel House, I've exceeded my expectations for success.

If I had not found Christel House, delinquency and economic problems, very common in my country, would have dragged me down a bad path. My life would have been very different, aimless like a drifting ship. This is part of the reality in my country, but CHV changed the destination of my life and the lives of many other students. I thank God that there are people like Christel DeHaan and I do not have enough words to thank her for changing my life.

My life is Christel House Venezuela.

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