Nothing but the very best…

Deborah N., Master Teacher, Christel House Indianapolis, IN

By: Deborah N., Master Teacher, Christel House Indianapolis, IN


I have been a part of the Christel House family since 2003. I started out as a 2nd grade teacher and now work as the Primary Master Teacher. Each year we are adding a new grade level which means we have 10th grade this year and will be adding 11th next year. I cannot express what it feels like to have 10th grade students, who I used to have in my 2nd grade classroom, come to me and say they still have the poem we wrote together in class or the song I taught them to help with math. I have watched these kids grow in ways that not only reach, but exceed, the hopes and dreams I had for them 8 years ago.


That isn't just by chance.


We are a family here. When I pass a student on to another teacher that doesn't mean it is the end of our relationship. The teachers believe in collaborating to make each child become a success story. We work hard to make sure the students know how much we care, which is a really easy task when it is the truth. Christel House Academy offers many ways in which it is possible for me to stay a part of the lives of all the students. I can connect with the students by coaching a sport, running a Summer Enrichment Club or by running one of our Saturday Stars classes. Often I have had multiple siblings from the same family pass through my classroom, which means I also am awarded the opportunity to develop strong relationships with the parents of my students. When you work so closely with a family, you really get a good look at the trials and tribulations some families endure.


At Christel House Academy, we continually work hard to make this school the best it can be for our children. Because when it comes to family, nothing is acceptable but the very best.

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