Nothing is impossible

Randal D., Educator and Fencing Coach, Christel House South AfricaRandal D., Educator and Fencing Coach, Christel House South Africa

I joined Christel House South Africa in 2006 and it is a privilege to be teaching our learners.  Fencing started at Christel House in 2006 with donations of used equipment. At the time we started a dream that lead to a reality. We teach our learners not to be or feel inferior; this was a major plus to our success.

In the area of sports, Christel House South Africa fencing has received international recognition by producing the first and only Fencing Junior Olympian to compete in Singapore. Since 2006, we have produced five learners with Junior National Colours. They have competed in Catania, Turkey, Russia, Algeria and South Korea. One of our ex-learners, Kristen, has just returned from Dakar, Senagal after studying there for the past 10 months to become a qualified, internationally recognized fencing coach in Foil, Epee and Sabre.  At the Junior National Championships held in Pretoria in the fall of 2012, we returned with five Bronze medals and a Silver.  Two of our fencers have been identified to join the high performance centre to train for the 2016 Olympics in South America.

These results and successes are quite good if one takes into consideration that we have limited equipment and transportation.  Our U.S. competitors fly from city to city, unlike us; we have to travel close to 20 hours for one competition.

It is indeed a learning experience that will be with me for the rest of my life. It is true - nothing is impossible.

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