One big family

Maggie BMaggie B., Alumni, Christel House Mexico

Before going to Christel House Mexico (CHM), I use to be in day care all day along with my sister. My mom could not care for us because she needed to work all day long.

I studied to be a social worker. My first formal job was as a receptionist at CHM, and at the same time I worked, I began to study Psychology and obtained my bachelor’s degree. Now I am working at the CHM Community Area, where I´m in charge of the selection process of the new students through socio-economic studies. This part of my job is what I love the most and what motivates me.

I am proud to be part of this big family, which is Christel House. I have two major reasons for it: the first one is because of the fact that I have formed and grown professionally in it. The second one is because Christel House is aware of our society and the people who need it most; people trust and put their hopes in Christel House.

Donors and staff are convinced that all together we will be able to improve the quality of lives; not only the ones of those who have grown up at Christel House, but also the lives of future generations.

Today, I know that as an alumni of CHM the best way to move forward is in the memory of others and helping and supporting this great mission. To be part of their lives, giving them the best of me the same way Christel House gave to me. I want to thank the whole community for trusting in me.

To those who are part of CHM I would like to send a message of optimism, looking inside the force that brought you to work and support this beautiful and amazing task. Do not lose the faith and please continue believing in our children.

Today I know that others need us too, and I’m going to support them in being a good role model by caring, sharing and making a difference everywhere.

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