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At RCI, we're always looking for new ways to have conversations with our members and timeshare owners around the world. This blog is a casual and informal place where we share interesting company news, helpful tips and information and great vacation stories that we think you'll enjoy. Think of this place as an inviting table on a sunny patio (with a lovely view of course), situated at your favorite resort, where you can stop by and have a chat, or just listen if you want. There will always be someone from RCI sitting at the table, chatting up the latest product launch or talking through some good helpful tips on exchanging and vacationing. We encourage you to join the conversation through stories, comments and helpful tips of your own! We'll do our best to make sure everyone has a voice as we tackle the wonderful world of vacation exchange together!

As with any blog associated with a company or business entity, we ask that you practice common sense and good manners while participating in the conversation, just like you would if you were actually sitting at that table on the sunny patio. In other words, be relevant, respectful, and post in a responsible manner. In that spirit, we encourage you to take a minute to understand some simple ground rules as set out in the terms and conditions that will govern this blog, and how we'll review things like stories and comments that are posted by folks stopping by. To view the full Terms of Use for this blog,
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