Colombia with foreign eyes

Leonel MI think I started to know Colombia once I moved out of the country. Each time I return to visit my family, it becomes an exciting new search that makes me understand the variety of destinations and experiences a country located in the center of the planet can offer.

My travels always start in Bogota, the capital. Bogota is a modern city whose population comes from all corners of the country with great cultural and shopping options, and of course I never miss what it has to offer in gastronomy in the famous Zona-T and Zona-G.

Other must-sees are Cartagena, the most beautiful cheerful walled city in the Caribbean Sea that transports us to the times of pirates and treasures; the Coffee Triangle in the middle of the mountains where the best coffee in the world (in my opinion!) is produced; the eastern plains – a real “ground sea” with the most spectacular sunrises I've ever seen; Boyaca, a state full of colorful villages like Villa de Leyva and Raquira; San Andres Island with its sea of seven colors; Santa Marta; Amazon…The list is endless!

I moved out of Colombia 15 years ago, and whenever I go back, I'm sure I'll find a special place to discover. Come back to the RCI Blog this week, where I’ll be sharing photos of my travels to this special country.

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