“Downton Village”

“Downton Village” – filmed in picturesque Bampton (~35 mi. north of Newbury).

Bampton Sights:

The ‘Downton’ sites run along Church View Lane. Heading south from Church Close, to your left, one of the homes is used as the “Grantham Arms” pub. To your right is St. Mary’s Church.  Just after it and down a lane to the right is Churchgate House (Crawley House).  Further down is the Bampton Library (Downton Hospital), plus other buildings used for the post office and the “Dog and Duck” pub.

Bampton Tips:

Parking is extremely limited, with tour buses complicating things during the day.  By heading there after Highclere (arriving ~5:30 pm), it was quiet, parking was easy, and we had a lovely and solitary stroll around.  At one point, all I could hear was the crunch of my shoes on the pavement, the wind rustling the leaves above, and the chime of the church bells echoing through the village. 

Bampton along Church View, with the library (Downton Hospital) entrance on the right.


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