A beautiful island called Cozumel

Adriana L. - Mexico Vacation IdeasWhen I was in college, I went to Cozumel with my boyfriend and immediately fell in love with the beautiful island. White sands, turquoise blue waters and the most amazing coral reefs I have ever seen.

Some years later, we decided to go back and get married there. We even spent three years living there in paradise. I will always remember how friendly the people from Cozumel are…their charm is unlike anyone else’s. And I’ll never forget the Sunday parties they used to have in the downtown square, complete with live music, delicious food and coconut ice cream.

If you visit Cozumel, I suggest you rent a convertible and go around the island. It only takes about two hours, and the other side of the island (the undeveloped side) has wonderful views of the open sea.

An excellent area for snorkeling or relaxing is an ecological reserve named Chankanaab Park. There are also many nice restaurants. Three of the most traditional that I suggest are Pepe’s Grill, Las Palmeras and Ernesto’s Fajitas Factory. And, if you like to shop, Cozumel has excellent jewelry stores, original hand crafts and souvenirs in the downtown area.

I just went back to Cozumel in June 2011 after 24 years to visit my son who had taken a summer job there. I broke into tears when he met me at the ferry from Playa del Carmen. To see him there made me feel like the story started all over again!

Cozumel has not changed all that much since my first visit and it is amazing how peaceful and how well kept the island is. If you couldn’t tell already, Cozumel is my favorite place on Earth and I hope to retire there one day…

This week on the RCI blog, we’ll be showing you photos and stories from RCI subscribing members who have had a chance to experience what Cozumel has to offer. Be sure to come back!

And if you want to learn more about Mexico this weekend, be sure to watch “Mexico: The Royal Tour” on public TV stations across the U.S. (click here for the details). President Felipe Calderón goes on a tour through Mexico highlighting some of the most popular attractions like Chichen Itza and Cave of Swallows. Be sure to check your local listings for times!

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