Mazatlán – A place of rich tradition and culture

Melissa V.From the moment we arrived in Mazatlán, you could already see such rich tradition and culture.  This place has it all, shopping, dining and the beach!  It was nice waking up in the morning, hearing the birds, and taking a walk on the beach listening to the sounds of the ocean. So relaxing!

The weather was fantastic when I was there. It was sunny every day. While we were there we took a ride in a Pulmonia, which is an open air taxi (looks almost like an extended golf cart). We took them around the Malecón and the taxi driver was awesome. He played the music we wanted and pointed out all the happening spots in town and let us know the meaning behind the statues that were displayed.

The food was amazing! We ate at a place called Pedro & Lola’s. They  have amazing seafood… mouthwatering shrimp that were huge! I can still taste that bacon and cheese stuffed shrimp.  I loved the wide variety of fresh seafood they offer. If you are visiting Mazatlán, you should definitely check this place out.

Mazatlán was an amazing experience. A lot of culture, excellent food (especially seafood), and friendly people. I can’t wait to go back and share this experience with my husband!

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