Pagosa Springs Trip

We needed a week away, so reserved a Last CallSM vacation in Pagosa Springs. Although we've lived in Denver for more than 40 years, we had never been to that part of Colorado. We spent the week seeing the area, relaxing in the Pagosa Hot Springs, riding the train in Durango, and just relaxing at the condo.

The Pagosa Hot Springs have several pools with varying temperatures and beautiful views over the river. The train from Durango was an experience! We got a chance to see and feel what travelling in the 19th century was like. You smell the coal and feel and hear the "click, click" of the train as it wound through the beautiful scenery. The accommodations at Wyndham Pagosa were perfect for relaxation. Our unit was located on their golf course. We enjoyed interacting with the golfers, and (quietly) judging their shots.

Overall a great relaxing week.

-William L. from Parker, CO

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Wyndham Pagosa, CO


Our family took a vacation to Pagosa Springs, CO this summer. We had a great week exploring the beautiful area and went on a rafting excursion with amazing scenery and cold water!


- Donna L. from Argyle, TX

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Pagosa Springs 2008

During the summer of 2008 my husband, son and I spent a week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, our first exchange trip. I'd never heard of Pagosa Springs, and had just asked the RCI Vacation Guide to find us something no more than a three day drive from San Francisco (not in a city). The resort was great, our unit very attractive with anything we might have wanted...We went rafting, hiking, soaked in hot springs, and drove to the town of Taos through some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen. We also had a great trip there and back, with stops at the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park...and more beautiful countryside. A great beginning to our RCI exchange vacations -- can't wait until the next one!


- Susan S. from Pacifica, CA

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Colorado Trip 2008

Our trip to Wyndham Pagosa in Colorado was one that we will always remember. We were able to get a place large enough for my brothers and sisters to come along as well. We enjoyed so many places of interest there. We went on a stage coach ride and a sunset dinner included. The sunset dinner was beautiful, especially over the Rocky Mountains. We also found an old ghost town up in one of the mountains above Silverton. We took lots of pictures of the outside, but were also able to go inside all of the buildings. It made for a great day for us to have found the town. We also got to see alpenglow in Ouray. It was beautiful, something that we will always remember. The whole trip was exciting for us. First we were all together on a vacation, then to see and explore the area was so exciting. We even went to the cliff dwellings and of course the hot springs. It was a great time and being together at the resort made it possible.


- Kathleen C. from Brentwood, NH

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