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Christel DLet me introduce you to an amazing group of young people. Last year, while I was in India for my annual visit, a group of Christel House (CH) graduates who are now studying at university, working or doing both, came to say hello. They had a gift for me. It was not a painting of some flowers they had purchased on the street corner – but an oversized model of a check in the amount of 24,700 rupees—approximately $450 USD. Let me put this in perspective. That amount of money would cover the living expenses for a typical CH India family of 4 for about 3 months. Their own families depend greatly on their earnings, but these young people chose to show their appreciation and gratitude by making donations to Christel House. It was their way of saying “thank you” and becoming contributing members of society.

To say that I was over the moon would be an understatement. This giving back by our children speaks to much more than educating the child. It speaks to fostering in them social responsibility and the art of giving. Character development, social responsibility, and making the world a better place are all integral components of the CH program. To witness their manifestation in these young people was truly an impactful moment in my life.

This week on the RCI Blog, you will have the opportunity to read blogs from Christel House students, teachers and RCI associates who have visited Christel House learning centers. These stories are truly touching. To learn more about Christel House now, check out the Christel House website here.

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