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Damien D. - RCI Asia Travel StoriesChicken Rice.  Chicken Rice. Chicken Rice.  After moving to Singapore four months ago I’m still fascinated by the myriad gastronomic options that this multi-cultural destination has to offer, but I always end up coming back to Singapore’s signature dish.

Singapore is a place where the trains run on time, where people are friendly and open and where you constantly discover new and exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in Asian culture.  Consider the public holiday schedule in Singapore: Not only does Singapore celebrate traditional holidays like Chinese New Year, but we celebrate Christmas, the Indian festival of Deepavali as well as Singapore’s very own National Day (among others).

The city-state lies about one degree north of the equator, so be prepared for temperatures in the upper 80s and an almost constant humidity.  After four months, I’d say the weather invites the locals (and tourists) outside of their homes to discover the sites of Singapore.  Shopping is practically the national past time here, with Orchard Road leading the way with its malls and shops that cater to every need.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the real national past-time is eating, and the places to do that here are the hawker centers scattered throughout the island.  These groups of small food stands that range from five to hundreds all clustered together, each offer a different kind of cuisine and each competes for the endless supply of Singaporean diners at affordable prices.  So come on by (and don’t forget to try Chicken Rice!)

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