Christel House Week comes to a close on the RCI Blog

Danielle GFor those of us that work at RCI, Christel House is a part of our culture.  I remember the first time I learned about Christel House.  I had just started at RCI and on a trip to the RCI office in Indianapolis, one of my new colleagues gave me a history lesson about the company and its co-founder Christel DeHaan.  She told me how Christel sold the company and started this amazing foundation to help impoverished children.

Over the years, as Christel House grew and opened more learning centers around the world, so too did my involvement with this great cause. I’ve had the privilege to work on many projects to raise awareness and funds for Christel House. However, none of them have been more meaningful than meeting the students and seeing first-hand how everyone’s efforts are making a difference.  I’ve met Estefany from Mexico, Daniel and Archana from India, and Maryari from Venezuela to name just a few.  Each of them is bright, well-spoken and so inspiring. And despite their difficult backgrounds and the many challenges they face in their daily lives, all of them are happy and hopeful for a better tomorrow.

In a few weeks, I will meet six more Christel House students who will be visiting our NJ offices. I can’t wait to hear their stories and learn about their hopes and dreams for the future.  Thanks to Christel House, I have no doubt that they will achieve whatever they desire.    


Here I am (on the left) with Maryari and Christel DeHaan at this year’s ARDA Convention.

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