Birthday Getaway

Barb S. - RCI Associate Travel StoriesEver since I left the Midwest for the East Coast, I have found a way to travel with my closest friends on an annual basis. Our goal has been to get together and all be in the same “home” so we can eat, drink, and relax. This year, one of my friends reached a major “milestone” birthday and wanted to be somewhere warm. Our mission was to meet her request!

She debated about whether a beach was a necessity to enjoy her birthday, but after doing some research for her we decided to try an Orange Lakes resort in Orlando, Florida, even though we were not planning on visiting any of the major area attractions. This resort selection ended up being a wonderful way to spend a friend’s birthday (even without our families), because of the numerous options and flexibility for dining, sitting poolside, and just relaxing indoors.

The various pools at the resort allowed us to pick one that suited our needs best. There were so many dining options on the resort property as well, from casual poolside fare, to a more formal dining atmosphere. We had so many options at our fingertips and never had to drive anywhere to get to them. When we just wanted to stay in and cook and celebrate together, we had a full kitchen at our disposal. And the screened in porch allowed us to enjoy the warm evening weather in the comfort of our own place.

My friend was delighted with her birthday celebration and all of us have a newfound appreciation of how much fun we can have even when we are not on an actual beach!

Check back on the RCI Blog this week to read stories and see photos from RCI subscribing members who have traveled for a birthday. And if you have a story or photo (or both!) of your own, please share it here and we may choose to feature it on the blog at the end of the week.

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