A great family vacation in Aruba

Bob E. - RCI Associate Travel StoriesJune is the time of year I look forward to the most. We’re at the tail end of spring here in New Jersey, the weather is really nice, the kids are ending school for the year and it’s time for our big family vacation. This year, we traveled to Aruba and all of us had an amazing time.


Aruba is a great vacation destination. The first and most obvious reason is the weather – lots of sun and the warm tropical breezes. But another reason it’s a great place to travel to is because you can have any type of vacation experience. We traveled with over two dozen family members and everyone enjoyed how they spent their days. Some made it a relaxing/pampering vacation with massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and shopping. Others made it a “fun in the sun” type of vacation with their children. The kids have endless amounts of energy and a typical day included hopping from the ocean, to the pool, and back to the beach to make a sandcastle. Others are more adventurous and tried deep sea fishing, snorkeling, tubing and more.


So, would I recommend Aruba? No question! It’s a great spot for any kind of vacationer!


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