Fishing in Aruba

Bob E. - RCI Associate Travel StoriesMy family and I have been haven’t missed our annual trip to Aruba for the past 12 years.  Aruba has everything you can ask for in a vacation destination: perfect weather, endless beaches, tubing, windsurfing, horseback riding and so much more. But have you ever thought about going fishing in Aruba?! We have made an annual tradition to go deep sea fishing together, along with friends we have made in Aruba over the years.

Early in the week we pick a day, no worries about weather because, well, it’s Aruba. We take a drive into Oranjestad to find an available boat and meet the captain. On the morning of our trip, we depart our resort at 8:00 am, and when we get there, the boat is ready and waiting.  The mates have the lines set up and ready to go. After only a half hour, the mates rig up the bait and set out the lines. Then it’s a waiting game…

The captain will troll until a fish hits. Be sure to set the line-up of who will land the fish before the first one is hooked. We typically use the timeless classic method of rock/ paper/scissors.

Over the years, we’ve landed everything from mahi mahi, barracuda and yellowfin tuna to sailfish, wahoo and blue marlin. After a long 4 hours at sea, we head back inland.  The mates clean and filet the fish while we sit back and relax.

Once on dry land, we divvy up the day’s catch and only take what we can eat. The rest we leave with the captain and mates to take home to their families or sell to the local restaurants.  We take our share back to our resort, have the chef cook it up and then enjoy our day’s bounty on the beach…

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