Cozumel – Adventure and Relaxation in One

Kristina W.Walking through the small streets of Playa Del Carmen, the excitement was building. We were heading towards the ferry terminal that would lead to our Cozumel journey. The process of using the ferry as transportation was quite simple and enjoyable. It was a beautiful sight to see the island coming into view as we felt the calm waves of the ocean rocking the ferry. Upon arrival on Cozumel, transportation to the resort was easy. The island of Cozumel is not an overwhelming size as it is roughly 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. There is one main road that circles the island, so if you choose to rent a car it is pretty easy to navigate.

Once you get settled in, be sure to check out the amazing water sport activities, like snorkeling. The largest reef in the Western Hemisphere, the Mesoamerica Reef, can be explored while staying in Cozumel. The ocean is crystal clear which makes for some fantastic sightings such as tropical fish and turtles.

Back on the island, the town of San Miguel offers many unique shopping prospects. While we were visiting, we enjoyed a night out in Cozumel with a phenomenal dinner at a local restaurant. Additionally, Cozumel provides many choices for spa treatments. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation, or an exciting getaway full of adventure, Cozumel offers the perfect trip for any family.

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Mazatlán has something for everyone

Kristina W. - RCI Associate Traveling UpdatesMazatlán, the pearl of the Pacific, provides travelers with an authentic Mexican atmosphere and unique attractions. Commonly referred to as the Mexican Gold Coast, Mazatlán’s tranquil beaches with turquoise waters set it apart from other cities. Originally a fishing village, the city is now known for the culture of warmth and hospitality present. Sport fishing in the Sea of Cortez is still an important pastime. Additionally, Mazatlán features a Spanish Colonial architectural style throughout the city. Historical notions can be found anywhere from the Pino Suarez Market, which is Mazatlán’s central market, to the Mazatlán Cathedral. Constructed in 1875, this breathtaking Cathedral is found in the old town district of Mazatlán. The rich history of this region can also be explored at the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art.

The City Park is the perfect location for exploring a lush forest and natural lagoon while staying near the boardwalk. The Mazatlán Aquarium is adjacent to City Park. This aquarium is known for being the largest aquarium in Mexico, and it focuses on educating guests to respect and appreciate the marine ecosystem. The aquarium also contains a Botanical garden which features local species of trees. Mazatlán’s blend of culture and nature encourages both relaxation and adventure. World-class golf courses are easy to enjoy in the exceptional weather typical of Mazatlán. There are even several islands to explore off the cost of Mazatlán. Isla de Venados (Deer Island) alone offers activities such as bird watching, snorkeling, kayaking, and even simply sunbathing. Stone Island, an environmental gem, supports a variety of marine bird species, fruit trees, and mangroves. Horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking are just a few way to discover the natural setting that Stone Island uniquely offers to visitors.

The Mazatlán Malecón, or seaside promenade, attracts many visitors for its spectacular views, salty ocean breezes, and vibrant attractions. Constantly full of life and spontaneous scenes, the Malecón feels like the heart of the city. When riding past in a pulmonia, which is an open-air golf-cart style taxi, the blend of locals and tourists on the Malecón is energizing. Once inside downtown Mazatlán, the narrow streets and charming plazas offer a romantic setting. Throughout Mazatlán, dining is a memorable experience typically featuring fresh shrimp and incredible fish entrees.

Whether you are enjoying a magnificent sunset over the islands or parasailing near the Malecón, Mazatlán will grab your attention and create a passion for Mexico. Mazatlán truly offers something unique for everyone.

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