Enjoying the outdoors in Hilton Head, SC

Elizabeth D. - RCI Associate Vacation IdeasSouth Carolina’s Hilton Head Island is a fantastic vacation spot for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. In the last two years I have enjoyed four vacations in Hilton Head and anxiously await many more!

Hilton Head has miles of beaches that are great for walking, jogging and biking. Yes, biking! During low tide the sand is compact enough that you can enjoy brisk biking on the beach. As far as I’m concerned, you haven’t really lived until you’ve biked on the beaches of Hilton Head!

The island also has over 50 miles of beautiful, paved bike paths – these are not only good for biking, but people watching, too! It’s really cool to see the diversity of the people who relish the opportunity to bike these scenic paths.

I must say, I also love Hilton Head because many of RCI’s affiliated resorts are located within Hilton Head’s plantations (beautiful gated communities), which gives you a chance to experience a taste of “real” Hilton Head life. While all the plantations are awesome, I am partial to Shipyard Plantation. All of the resorts I’ve stayed at in Shipyard had vista views of golf courses, ponds and lush landscaping.  In addition, Shipyard is convenient to a number of amazing dining options…which tends to be a high priority for me after a full day of outdoor activities.  Bon Appetit!

Come back to the RCI Blog this week and take a look at the stories and photos from RCI subscribing members who have shared their experiences from Hilton Head. And if you have a story or photo of your own about Hilton Head, please share it here. We might feature it at the end of the week!

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