Why visit Mazatlán? The food and charm, of course!

We hope you enjoyed reading the stories and seeing the photos of Mazatlan on the RCI Blog the last couple of weeks! And now, to end the week, I’ll leave you with one more story:

The food and the classic charm of Mexico are two great reasons to visit Mazatlán.  Another great reason is the year round great weather and endless beaches.

Let’s start with the food.  Mazatlán’s shrimp is excellent and while visiting the city, there are countless ways to get this local delicacy.  In addition, a big part of the agriculture in Mazatlán is tomatoes.  Finally, Mazatlán is also home of Pacifico Beer.  With these industries all close by, you know you’ll be getting the freshest shrimp, salsa and beer when in Mazatlán!

During the daytime there are many water activities like relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, or taking a boat to Deer Island, the largest of Mazatlán’s three uninhabited islands.  Sport fishing is also a popular activity.

Great evening activities include visiting one of Mazatlán’s great restaurants, going to the Malecón to have fun at one of the many night clubs, or even taking in a baseball game.  Mazatlán’s baseball team, the Vanados, are comparable to any triple A baseball team in the U.S.

Whether you plan to eat, relax, or spend some time on the Malecón, Mazatlán is a great choice for a vacation.

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