An RCI employee unearths a hidden gem when she holidayed in the Maltese islands

Radhika S. - RCI India Travel InformationPlanning a vacation to an off beat destination is always very difficult, simply because there are so many of them! There is always enough information, both solicited and otherwise, available on more popular holiday destinations, so the excitement of visiting a place where few have travelled to, and being able to explore it, was one of the highlights of my recent Exchange Holiday to Malta.

If you are looking for a relaxed nothing-to-do holiday, this is NOT the destination. There is so much to see and do in Malta that a week seemed too short. For those who love historical monuments and archaeological sites, a holiday in Malta would be an absolute dream.

The Maltese archipelago is comprised of three islands located in the middle of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy and slightly north of the African continent. The largest of the islands is called Malta, with Valletta as its capital city. These islands are a haven for scuba divers. The scene below the water is serene and peaceful, and the underwater marine life is stunningly breathtaking, to say the least.

Our resort was located in Sliema—one of Malta’s main seaside tourist locations. Once a small village, Sliema buzzes with tourists now. St Julian’s and Paceville were just a few minutes walk, and the bus stop across the street meant that Valletta was just a bus ride away! All the units at the resort overlook the stunning Mediterranean Sea, with a lovely balcony to laze on and enjoy the ancient skyline of Valletta across the sea.

Nightlife in Malta consists mainly of a wide array of clubs and bars in the St. Julian’s area, or Paceville as the locals call it. There’s something for everyone: trance clubs, R&B and hiphop joints, salsa bars and alternative/rock bars. The clubs are all concentrated in the centre of Paceville, and the area spills over with party lovers on weekends. Besides the clubs, you’ll also find other kinds of entertainment in Paceville, including Malta’s largest cinema, a bowling alley, and sports bars.

After a relaxingly hectic week in Malta, I reluctantly packed my bags to head back to Bangalore, hoping to go back there once again—but knowing fully well that there were many more places that RCI has in store for me to explore, experience and enjoy!

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