Christel House Week comes to an end on the RCI Blog

Ricardo M., President, RCI, Latin AmericaAs a board member of Christel House Mexico (CHM), I am involved in the funding and promotion aspects of Christel House, but to me, the most impactful experience came after visiting the CHM students’ communities. Because to really understand the scope and size of the challenges we face and the deep impact of what we do, you need to know the communities where our children come from…

We think we have it all figured out, but even being a CHM board member, helping the poorest of the poor, I realized that I didn’t truly know all of the difficulties for these communities. We see the humbleness, the stress of being poor and the physical efforts of balancing the lack of resources or structure - from one bedroom for 6 people, a bathroom for 10, and even a little electric burner to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10.  What we do not see is the physiological impact, the community dynamics and how our CHM children behave, react and mainly interact after school in their communities. We have so much more to learn.

We will have a fantastic graduate from middle school who we see as a potential great person to continue with high school, and then on to college or University, but they get home and for them, they have reached the pinnacle of their society, with parents that do not read or write, and now their sons/daughters even speak English?! They need to see and understand more, and we are getting there, but there is much more to do.

Christel House does a marvelous job and adds so much in a most deep and profound way. Christel House does have a profound Life Changing impact on these children and their families, but there is so much more to do… so much! But we are getting there…

Thank you for spending the week learning about Christel House and the impact it is making on Christel House students worldwide. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this life-changing organization. And for all RCI subscribing members who contribute to Christel House by December 31, 2012, RCI will match it (up to a cumulative $25,000). Learn more about Christel House here or donate here.

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