So Much to Do in Cancun, Mexico

Erick R. - RCI Member News in Latin AmericaCancun is one of the places that makes me proud of my country because this beautiful destination is one of the top vacation places in the world! The best thing is that I’ve been there several times and believe me, you can never get enough.

Every vacation in Cancun is different…of course; it depends on the kind of trip you have planned.  I’ve had everything from the wildest kind of vacation with friends hopping from one night club to another until the sun rises, to the most relaxing time of my life just enjoying a stunning Caribbean sunset, listening to the sounds of seagulls and feeling the sand at my feet.

Cancun also has very nice places nearby that you can easily visit in one day. My favorite one is Playa del Carmen, a place where you can spend all day. I used to go to a beach club named Mamitas to get some drinks while listening to nice lounge music. At dinner time my wife and I like to walk along the 5th avenue. As for night life, my favorite place is definitely Santanera.

On the other hand, if you want to be part of nature and the mysticism of Maya culture, a trip to Tulum is well worth it. This is one of the most representative Maya archeological zones in the Riviera Maya where you can witness majestic ruins merging with the most beautiful beach I’ve ever known. The idea of walking along the white sand and diving into the clear turquoise water is something that makes me wish I can come back every year…as I told you, you will never get enough.

I’m sure I’ve given you a lot of ideas about what to do the next time you are in Cancun…but I bet RCI subscribing members could give you a lot more suggestions! This week on the RCI blog, we’ll be sharing stories and photos from members who have visited this amazing vacation destination. Be sure to check back…and if you have suggestions of your own on what to do when you are in Cancun, be sure to comment here!

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