A final thought about Christel House

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I hope you enjoyed reading stories from all of us this week about Christel House. As the week comes to a close, I’d like to leave you with one more story. A while back I had the great privilege of meeting some of the students, and seeing this organization’s mission in action, at the Christel House in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Instead of being asked to read to a group of young children, those children read to me and other guests from story books each of them had created. Each hand-made book was filled with words and images describing what Christel House meant to its young author, and what each now thought their opportunities could be.  It was so inspiring to learn from the children in this sincere and poignant way how Christel House had opened their eyes to the world of possibility—to see that they now believe they can accomplish really anything if they put their minds to it. Later, as I spoke with them, I heard many say that they would never have felt such hope if they hadn’t been schooled at Christel House, which gave them not only the tools to aspire to be whatever they wanted, but also the self-esteem and belief that such hopes are indeed possible. It was wonderful to see. 


More recently, a Christel House graduate addressed a gathering at the ARDA convention this year (the ARDA convention is held each year for professionals in the vacation ownership and resort development industries). After describing her extremely impoverished background, she shared with us how Christel House had allowed her to succeed in ways she never had thought possible.  This 19-year-old girl was so articulate and confident, it made me very proud to be able to help such an organization, even in a small way, to make such a powerful impact on young people’s lives. 


I hope you’ll join me in supporting this life-changing organization. And attention RCI subscribing members: if you send a contribution to Christel House by December 31, 2012, RCI will match it. Learn more about Christel House here.

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