All Inclusive? Yes, you can

Humberto Z. - RCI News and Updates in Latin AmericaThere’s one thing I can tell you that I love the most about vacationing. It’s hearing three simple words: “Yes, you can.” Honestly, who doesn’t?!

Just imagine…you sitting on a beach, after a nice swim at the most incredible place in the Caribbean or watching a beautiful sunset somewhere in Mexico and thinking…what about a nice massage? “Yes, you can.” Or…what about getting to know all the incredible places around here? “Yes, you can.” Or, maybe…what about a nice a-la-carte dinner? “Yes, you can”.

I could go on and on with tons of examples, but instead, I would rather invite you to take a look at stories and pictures from RCI subscribing members, just like you, having the time of their lives while enjoying the benefits of an all inclusive resort! We’ll be focusing on all inclusive vacations all week, so make sure you visit our blog to check them out.

…and one last thing I must tell you: An all inclusive resort is something you should try at least once. Who knows, it might just be what you needed all along!

Depending on resort and season, all-inclusive fees may cover meals, drinks, tours, transportation, resort activities, resort amenities, services and facilities. Resorts with mandatory all-inclusive fees require the fees to be prepaid at or before check-in. A Member may not be able to purchase food or drink at a resort if he or she chooses not to pay an optional all-inclusive fee. Fees, terms and conditions of packages covered by an all-inclusive fee are determined solely by the resort and are subject to change at any time.

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