An Orlando Convert!

Paul MI’ll be honest – Orlando originally wasn’t on the top of my “places where I’d like to holiday” list. I always preferred the buzz of a city – eating in one-off restaurants, digging for records in little independent music stores, and soaking up the atmosphere.

But a few years ago, things changed. When it came to choosing a vacation destination, there was a new dimension – a child. That’s right. We had welcomed a beautiful little boy, Cal, and a year later, we decided that we might be able to stay awake long enough to make it to the airport and onto vacation. It was far from a certainty, but we took the risk. After weighing up flight length from New Jersey, kid-friendliness, and chance of sunshine, Orlando was the best choice.

And I have to say…what a fantastic choice it was! We ate at nice restaurants with no frowning at the request for a high-chair. We took things at our own pace and enjoyed fantastic amenities at our resort. We went to a couple of theme parks and acted like kids. It really was a great family vacation.

Three years on, we’ve been back four times. We arranged a family reunion with both sets of doting babysitters (sorry, grandparents) and also met good friends from England with their toddler. We’ve had so much fun, enjoyed excellent food, found countless bargains at the outlet malls, and “ooh’d” and “aah’d” at the theme parks and shows.

Best of all – I even found an awesome record store.

This week on the RCI Blog, we’ll be sharing stories and photos from RCI subscribing members who have also visited Orlando. Be sure to come back to read about their vacations!

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RCI PlatinumSM membership – enjoy it on vacation, or at home!

Paul M. - RCI Points Product NewsGreat news in the RCI Weeks world…RCI Weeks subscribing members can now upgrade to RCI Platinum membership!  This upgraded tier of membership was made available to RCI Points® members last year, and they’ve enjoyed the many benefits of being an RCI Platinum member both at home and while on vacation.

Need an excuse to check out some new or different local eateries?  Look no further!  RCI Platinum dining discounts range from buy-one-get-one deals on everyday purchases like coffee and donuts, to big discounts at great restaurants.   And, if spring has you thinking about a “tee party :)”, check out the amazing RCI Platinum golf discounts.  The list goes on…think big city tour discounts, major metropolitan attraction discounts and more.

(We hope) It goes without saying that our goal is to help to enhance your vacation ownership, and there’s no better way to do that than every day while you’re at home.   And, when you’re ready to get away, the Priority Access feature gives you access to exchange vacations in awesome locations where exchange availability may otherwise be scarce.  Locations vary, but we’re talking about places like Chicago, Boston, New York City, San Diego and Seattle – all undeniably great cities! The Unit Upgrade feature is really cool too – as an RCI Platinum member, if a larger unit is available two weeks before your vacation’s check-in date, you have the opportunity to be automatically upgraded.  Who couldn’t use a bit more space to relax?!

And don’t forget, with Platinum Rebates on RCI transactions like Guest Certificates toward accommodations, Extra VacationsSM getaways, and Combined Deposits (for RCI Weeks members), it only takes a couple of transactions and you’ve almost covered the $55 USD annual RCI Platinum fee!  I’m not a fan of the phrase “no-brainer”, but…

To upgrade to the RCI Platinum membership, please call an RCI Vacation Guide today.

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