The "Core Four" of Texas - An RCI Employee Shares Some Lone Star State Tips!

Gini P. - RCI Social Media and Destination NewsIf you really want to know about "the Eyes of Texas," look no further than its "Core Four" big cities.  Yes, deep in the heart of Texas there are the four cosmopolitan cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

First off, you have the "Space City" of Houston, which is probably the most diversified of the core four. You can blast off your vacation with a cosmic trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Center. And don’t forget to visit the flowing fountains of Williams Tower (formerly known as Transco Tower).

North of Houston is "Big D," that's Dallas, TX for those who don't follow the sports world. You can see Southfork Ranch, where the TV show Dallas was filmed or the Sixth Floor Museum…which is close to where President JFK was assassinated in 1963.  And for those who really want get a true "Texas rodeo experience," drive west of Dallas to its sister city of Ft. Worth and ride a bull, purchase an authentic cowboy hat or get fitted with cowboy boots. And only about an hour east of Dallas, you can go to the world’s largest flea market in Canton, TX (check out our article from Endless Vacation® magazine for more details).

Next, you can head out to the "Hill Country" where you will run into another Texas hotspot – Austin (did you know it’s the “Live Music Capital of the World”, thanks to its original rockers like Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Fabulous Thunderbirds?). When you are there, be sure to head down 6th St. to catch a few live bands.

And about 80 miles south of Austin is one of the most ethnic Texas cities…San Antonio.  There you will really feel the Tex-Mex culture alive and well. You can ride a water taxi down to the San Antonio River Walk. River Walk is the central city area where you will find everything from resort style hotels, cultural shopping, as well as the some of the best outdoor restaurants.  From River Walk, you can visit the Alamo, where you will learn about the famed Battle during the Mexican-American War of Texas.  You can even go to Sea World of San Antonio for a change of pace or visit some neat caverns outside of San Antonio.

Each of these cities (which, by the way, are all great day trips from many RCI affiliated resorts) has a unique culture and a different story to tell. This week on the RCI blog, we’ll be showing you stories and photos from RCI subscribing members who visited Texas. Don’t forget to come back!

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A Red Rocks Hotspot in the Southwest

Gini P. - RCI Social Media and Destination NewsOut of the last ten vacation destinations my family and I have visited in the past few years, I want to share my thoughts on one specific fantastic hot spot…the majestic desert oasis known as "Red Rock's country" - Sedona, Arizona.

Our vacation started off with a trolley tour through downtown Sedona, which the kids loved. The streets were lined with unique antique stores and souvenir shops. Of course, there were countless outdoor apparel shops, along with fine art galleries. I slowly discovered Sedona is the artistic hub of the state. We were simply amazed at the amount of tourists as well as local residents who were out and about enjoying the delightful restaurants with the bountiful sunshine. We also learned from the locals about the countless activities that were available to us during the week, the Jeep and helicopter tours, hiking through the caverns, biking trails throughout the city, and stargazing at night time.

We even went to the top of a mountain to experience the breathtaking 360˚ views of all the Red Rock formations that Sedona is known for. The kids were enthralled about having a chance to use their digital cameras.

This week, we’ll be featuring stories and pictures from members who have taken a trip to Sedona, AZ. Be sure to visit The RCI Blog again so you don’t miss anything! And if you have the opportunity to visit Sedona, you won’t regret it. I promise you the scenes will never leave your mind or heart.

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