Learn what RCI is doing in the Big Apple!

Barbara E. - RCI Subscribing Member BenefitsHere at RCI we frequently discuss how to create an amazing experience for our subscribing members – it is the major topic of conversation – but we rarely get to meet our members. It’s true. Most of us have friends or neighbors who are RCI members – with 2.6 million members in North America it is a likely occurrence to know a few – but few of us ever meet with those we don’t personally know. Until now.

For the first time in North America, RCI will be holding regular events open to timeshare owners at affiliated resorts. Our pilot program will be at The Manhattan Club in New York City – a location near many members, former members and timeshare owners.

Events will run most Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings and will be open to timeshare owners interested in learning more about the recent enhancements to the RCI Weeks program. The first event will take place Wed., July 13 for RCI subscribing members who are also Manhattan Club owners.  The last event will take place on Wed., September 28.

Don’t have time to attend an event in New York City during your visit? No worries. We already have one of our best Vacation Guides on site at The Manhattan Club (Wed. – Sun. 9am-5pm) to answer your questions and provide information.

You don’t need to be an RCI member to attend. We welcome everyone visiting New York or coming into New York for work or play to head over to The Manhattan Club and meet us at the RCI Welcome Center.

In honor of our exciting events in the Big Apple, we will be sharing photos and stories about New York from RCI subscribing members this week on the RCI blog. Be sure to check back and don’t forget to visit us at The Manhattan Club!

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Why Timeshare Owners Should Also Become Members of RCI

Barbara E. - RCI Subscribing Member BenefitsAs the head of North America retention and loyalty at RCI, I sometimes hear from RCI subscribing members who are interested in knowing what types of non-exchange benefits are available to them. There are many members who use their own timeshare week the same time each year, and some of them don’t know all the valuable advantages they have just by being members.

There are many more reasons than ever before to be a timeshare exchange member. Our focus has always been on you as a consumer as well as you as a timeshare owner. The benefits we’ve added recently are what I call "everyday benefits" for the simple reason they can provide value every day in your regular non-timeshare consumer life. For example, do you travel on business or for long weekends? Take advantage of the up to 20% discount RCI members get on select hotels. Buying something for your home or a gift for family? Go right to an online "shopping mall," the RCI Shopping PerksSM program, and get Cash Back rewards on thousands of qualified items — it’s like getting paid to shop!

At the same time, your RCI timeshare exchange membership provides you with great travel perks including low-cost Extra VacationsSM getaways and cruise benefits such as cabin upgrades or savings of up to $500 USD!

Benefits for travel and benefits for every day tell the whole story of why an RCI Subscribing Membership can be a good value all the time. If you have any ideas for new benefits to enhance your membership, I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment, and let us know what you think.

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RCI Shopping PerksSM program: Just Another Benefit for RCI® Subscribing Members

Barbara E. - RCI Subscribing Member BenefitsWho doesn’t like to shop? There are some people who will always be store shoppers — they want to feel a product, take it all in, try it on, model it, experience it. But for the millions of people who think online shopping is the way to go, we now have one of our newest member benefits – the RCI Shopping Perks program. Our RCI Shopping Perks program provides all of the convenience of online shopping with an added advantage: Cash Back rewards that you can use towards the cost of your RCI subscribing membership.

As head of retention and loyalty programs in North America, I have to think about what new membership benefits we can provide in order to give our members the best value for their dollars. As a consumer, I know I am always looking for ways to save money. Combining the two is the genius behind the RCI Shopping Perks program – members can save money on products they plan to buy anyway. How much is saved depends on how much is spent.

How does it work? Just sign into www.rci.com, go to the Member Perks section, and click on  RCI Shopping Perks. That’s all there is to it. Shop as you normally would. You’ll receive a confirmation of your purchases and your savings. You will receive quarterly checks every time you reach $25 in savings on qualified items. There are hundreds of merchants and thousands of items.

The RCI Shopping Perks program is just another way we’re adding value to your membership. Have you tried it yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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